Download GroupSMS App for iPhone

Here is an interesting news pieces for iPhone fans. You can now send SMS to as many people, friends or groups at a one time with high efficiency app called GroupSMS for jailbroken iPhones. GroupSMS is an Cydia app for jailbroken iPhones that sends SMS to list of peoples or Groups at one time with High efficiency. In-fact, this ability to send out text massages makes the process of sending out wishes like New Year, Eid, Christmas, Diwali and much more extremely easy on the other phones. Read More

Apple Receives Patent for Handheld that Recognizes Your Hands [News]

Apple has filed a new patent for the handheld devices which identifies users based on how to hold their device such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. The technology uses capacitive sensors, resistive touchscreens as as well surface acoustic wave forms in-order to recognize the users hands and fingers simply by the touch and the way they hold it. Read More

iPhone Dev-Team Demoes SHAtter for iOS 4.1 Jailbreak on iPod touch 4G Using PwnageTool

The iPhone Dev-Team have effectively ported SHAtter exploit into a BETA version of PwnageTool and placed a demonstration video on their blog. Here is good news, SHAtter exploit is enough to influence an iPod Touch 4G to restore to their custom IPSW. However, this tested version of PwnageTool is only for internal testing. In-fact it will get released later for iPhone 4 users so that they can preserve their old baseband in future for carrier unlock by restoring to the custom firmware file. Read More

Nike BOOM 1.1.1 App Relaesed for iPhone and iPod Touch

Nike, Inc. has announced the release of it’s new version Nike BOOM 1.1.1 app for both iPhone and iPod Touch. Nike BOOM 1.1.1 brings syncs to your music for dynamic training workouts only to motivate you. First the users need to choose their sport, then their type of training-such as intervals-then set the amount of time they have and the playlist they want to listen to. Using this new app you can even alert your Facebook friends and get cheers of encouragement from them in real time. Read More

TripCase 2.0 App gets Updated for iPhone

Sabre Inc. has updated it’s new version TripCase 2.0 app for iPhone. TripCase 2.0 brings real-time flight alerts and critical travel updates before and during the trip. It aggregates and organizes the maze of travel information which goes along with a trip. This new updated app also shares travel information with designated friends, family and coworkers and much more. Read More

New Update Cydia + Rock Will Bring Lots of New Features Soon!

As we have already reported about Cydia and unification. The main purpose behind this unification was to bring all the best jailbroken apps under one platform. The new major update will brings lots of new features and performance enhancement to Cydia store. Well, Jay Freeman the creator of Cydia, a.k.a Saurik has decided to give Cydia a tons of new features which will satisfy all users and also will improve some issues, and speed as well. Read More

Use SecretSMS App to Send Secret SMS Text Messages from your iPhone

Here is an exciting news pieces for iPhone fans. Now a new tweak under the name of “SecretSMS” is available for jailbroken iPhone. This new tweak will allow the users to send secret SMS text messages to any mobile phone they like. Well, the recipient will not be able to read the messages unless they know the password and also they don’t need to have any software installed on their phone to read the encrypted message. Read More

Add Time and Battery Bar To Multitasking Tray on iOS 4.x with Multitasking Time [Req. Jailbreak]

Here is an interesting news pieces for you? A simple and rather useful app which we have e discovered today, it is non-other than Multitasking Time. Thus, this Multitasking Time is a simple add-on, Which adds the time and battery icon in the multi-tasking bar that runs on iOS 4.x on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Read More

Grab it now! Google Voice App "GV Mobile +" is FREE for Today

Google Voice App “GV Mobile+” is now available for free download and is back to its original $2.99 price tag. Apple has started allowing again, the previously un-allowed apps into their iTunes App Store. Thus, the biggest beneficiaries of the relaxed restrictions were Google Voice apps which were previously not allowed. But now, we have received an information that GV mobile + is available for free download just for today. GV Mobile + brings the power of Google Voice to your iPhone. Read More