Apple Has Relaxed iPhone Water Damage Policy

Good news for Apple users, Apple has relaxed iPhone water damage policy. According to the new policy report, if  LCI (liquid contact indicator) has found damaged by liquid contact but your device does not show external evidence of water damage or corrosion, then you can claim for the warranty service. A French website published an image provided by an Apple Authorized Service Provider that highlights a more lenient approach to dealing with water-damaged devices. (Check it out)

iphone water damage policy

If a customer disputes whether an iPod with an activated LCI has been damaged by liquid contact and there are no external signs of damage from corrosion, then the iPod may still be eligible for warranty service.

For those who don’t know – Apple doesn’t provide warranty claims for water damaged iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And to recognize the device being affected by water or not, they used to do a simple test based on LCI (liquid contact indicator). Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, have a liquid contact indicator (LCI) at the bottom of the headphone jack (You can see it on your iPhone too). Well, this sensor changes color from white/silver to red or pink if it comes in contact with water. Apple repair specialists use a magnifying flashlight to peer into the port to see if the sensor has changed the color or not, if the color has found red, then the device is not supposed to claim for the warranty service.

But sometimes what happen, even if your iPhone doesn’t affected by water, the liquid contact indicator (LCI) has found changed in color due to humidity climates or certain environmental conditions. For that reason, this policy had triggered criticism because of the alleged sensitivity of these sensors. But thankfully Apple has Updated the policy by ensuring that customers who deny that their devices came into contact with water (and whose devices do not show external evidence of water damage or corrosion) may still be eligible for warranty service.

One thought on “Apple Has Relaxed iPhone Water Damage Policy

  1. What if the LCI is still white even after the iPod gets into contact with water? Will the Geniuses at the Apple Store look inside to inspect for further damage/corrosion or will they see the LCI is still white and fix/replace the iPod?

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