Apple to Launch Low Cost iPhone this Year

Various rumors are floating around the web regarding iPhone 5S. Apple product lovers are eagerly waiting for this upcoming device that is expected to be launched this year. Now we came to know that Apple is planning to launch low cost iPhone models this year. According to Forbes, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White has predicted Apple will announce a low cost iPhone in 2013. He has predicted that Apple may start selling it in June. It means iPhone 5S is not the only iOS smartphone that is going to be launched this year. Apple will also launch a low cost iPhone. This is a great news for iPhone lovers.

Low Cost iPhone

Brian White has provided some information regarding the price of low cost iPhone. According to Brian, the low cost iPhone will cost around $300. Previously a source has claimed that it will be available at a price of $99. If the low cost iPhone hits the market this year, then it will be a good competitor of low cost Android devices. Recently a source has claimed that Apple will launch iPhone 5S and 5-inch iPhone 6 this year. If the report comes true, then three new iPhone models will be available for purchase in 2013. According to various sources, the next generation iPhone will be available in different colors and it will feature fingerprint sensor, IGZO screen, 128GB storage, NFC, high definition camera and improved battery.

Brian White has also provided some information regarding the name of the low cost iPhone. He has predicted that the low cost iPhone may be called as iPhone mini or iPhone Air. He has claimed that Apple will use plastic body in the low cost iPhone to reduce its price. If the report from Brian White comes true, then you will be able to buy this iOS smartphone at a price of $300 in June.

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