Apple to Release iOS 5 along with New MobileMe in April

According to a German website ( [Translate]) report, Apple is planning a media event in early April to Unveil iOS 5 and a revamped MobileMe service. The report also claims that, Apple is expected to hold that event at it’s San Francisco headquarters next month to show off the new MobileMe alongside iOS 5.

iOS 5 release April

Well, as predicted the both MobileMe alongside iOS 5 release could be a deep integration between the two, and as rumored before, we are expecting iOS 5 will also feature improved multi tasking and notification system.

If you do remember, the iOS 4 was announced last April 8th, and as we all know Apple typically hold a media event in every first or second week of April to preview their next generation iOS and releases it to general public in June. Thus the April unveiling does seem pretty much possible for iOS 5.

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