AT&T To Make International Data Roaming Plans "a Bit Less Very Expensive"

Well, here’s slightly good stuff for the AT&T iPhone users! Actually, if you have looked into the international data plans earlier, then, you have noticed one thing that this plan is very expensive and hence many of you don’t want to take your AT&T iPhone abroad, isn’t it? But, now, according to the recent report, AT&T has revamped its international data plans in order to make it slightly less, basically doubling their offering while keeping the prices same. Let’s have more information on this with the tariff plans from below.

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The new pricing are as follows;

  • $24.99 gets you 50MB (used to get you 20MB)
  • $49.99 gets you 125MB (used to get you 50MB)
  • $99.99 gets you 275MB (used to get you 100MB)
  • $199.99 gets you 800MB (used to get you 200MB)
  • Every 10 megabytes you use over your plan will cost you $10

In this new international rates, you’ll get the more than double price of what you usually spend nationally. Though it’s a very generous effort, but, unless you can afford that, there are actually better ways to travel with an iPhone internationally. Well, the best idea to go abroad with your iPhone is just unlock it and get a local SIM card.

So, what do you think on this? Can you afford these rates? Just don’t forget to share your views and comments on this with us.

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