Jailbreaking App Mishap & How to Fix It

Jailbreaking your iPod, iPhone or iPad is a wonderful tool that has made IOS platforms much more usable and creative. It has opened up a large window of opportunity for developers and users worldwide. However, quite a few individuals are running into problems with their devices after they are jailbroken and I would like to explain the largest problem with jailbreaking to this point and how to fix it.




  • After jailbroken, your device is having troubles opening apps that you have downloaded. Mainly what will happen when you select an app is it will blink as if you have pressed it and a white light will flash across the screen and then it will go back to the main screen. Now sometimes this happens even when you device is not jailbroken, but I want to mainly focus on when it is.




  1. The most common and most simple way that you can repair your device so that the apps will open again is to restore your iPod, iPhone or iPad. This should fix the problem immediately; however, a lot of people do not like this solution because they lose a lot of information that was saved on their device.

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