Downlaod Live Cams App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Eggman Technologies Inc. has updated the new version of Live Cams 4.50 app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Live Cams 4.50 is a JPEG/MJPEG based video viewer for webcams and IP cameras. It supports dozens of IP camera models from major manufacturers like Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Trendnet, Linksys, Toshiba, Vivotek and many more. This new updated version comes with iOS 4 multitasking support. Live Cams is the public or private camera viewer which supports pan, tilt and zoom controls. Besides this. the new version reduce the font size for text overlays on the video screen. Read More

Download Updated MobileMe 1.2 App for iPad

Apple Inc. has announced the new updated version of MobileMe 1.2 iPad. MobileMe 1.2 updated version comes with iPad support, retina display support for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4, and also support for iOS 4 multitasking feature. Using this updated app you can now check your MobileMe photo galleries including password protection and hidden albums with a beautiful user interface. Read More

Download “Glowing App Icons” to let iPhone/iPod Touch’s App Icons Glow

Here is a new shiny app called “Glowing App Icons”. Glowing App Icons allows it’s users to add an interesting effect to their app icons, which makes the icons glow! Using this app you can now select your own wallpaper or pick any one that comes with the app. You can now choose any color you would like the app icons to glow. Beside this, you can also choose any color by playing around with the settings. Read More

Baseband 05.14.02 Crash May Lead to Unlock for iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3GS

Here is good news for our reader on 05.14.02 baseband exploit! As previously we have posted you that unlocking iPhone 3GS with the latest 05.14.02 baseband is currently not being worked as both the Chronic and iPhone Dev teams are focusing on iOS 4.1 jailbreak, based on SHAtter exploit. The hacker Clayton has discovered the exploit that crashes iPhone 3GS, which could potentially lead up to an unlock for the baseband-in-question on iOS 4.1. This crash takes place when the user issue a certain command to the baseband which causes it to stop working. Read More

Download BitTorrent App for iPhone and iPod Touch

It is bit surprising that Apple has approved another new BitTorrent based torrent managing app called ‘IS Drive’ for iPhone and iPod Touch. Isn’t it surprising. Previously this app was known as Jack Torrents and was available under Cydia for jailbroken iOS devices. But you can now download it from App Store. Read More

Android Mobile OS Coming Soon to iPhone 4

Google’s Android mobile OS will soon be coming to iPhone 4. Android OS which have been running on iPhone EDGE (2G), 3G and iPod Touch, will soon be available for the iPhone 4. Well, it has been noticed that iPhone and Android don’t go along well (power management not optimized, iPhone’s battery drops to zero within a few hours), but it’s definitely great if you want to try out the so called open-ness of Android. Cpich3g, the DevTeam member who was involved in the project iPhone Linux. He has announced that he along with his team have another important step to install Android on the iPhone. Read More

Download FolderEnhancer of iOS 4.x for iPhone and iPod Touch

As we have previously posted you about the iOS 4.x Folder enhancing app “FolderEnhancer” is out now. Well, FolderEnhancer is now available on Cydia at a cost of $1.99 but is available for $0.99 for people who have previously purchased CategoriesSB. To install this app you need to have a jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch. It just only costs 2 bucks! Read More

Data Counter App for iPhone Keeps Track of your 3G Data Usage

To keep track of how much data one is consuming is of great importance and convenience too. It is for those who are tiered of using mobile internet plan, can now track their 3G Data Usage from their iPhones. To download Data Counter app, iPhone need to be jailbroken to track how much data is being used. Read More

3D Movies to Arrive Soon on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

It would be a great experience to have a 3D movies on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, isn’t it! Spatial View has brought a Stereoscopic 3D experience for your iOS devices by introducing new app under the name of ’3DeeCentral’ to the App Store. This new app features a catalogue of 3D movies which can be viewed on the devices mentioned above. However it is not going to be a native three-dimensional video but will still offers similar results. One of the most cool thing about it is that you won’t have to wear those hideous polarized glasses! Read More

Apple TV 2G Jailbroken Using SHAtter and PwnageTool

Here is an excellent news. The iPhone Dev Team have managed to jailbreak the newly released 2nd-generation Apple TV, running iOS 4.1 using SHAtter exploit combined with PwnageTool. This mostly means that we might have to wait for some more days to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G on iOS 4.1 while the Dev team mash out the exploit completely. Musclenerd has confirmed the news via tweet and posted an image as a proof. Read More

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