How to Check iPhone and iPod for Water Damage

Do you know how to Check your iPhone and iPod for Water Damage? Well, If not then follow the how to guidelines just below to check Water Damage for iPhone and iPod. Well friend if your iPhone or iPod has been acting strangely or not working then it is worth checking the “Liquid Contact Indicator” locations as shown in the image below.

water damage indicator

How to Check iPhone and iPod for Water Damage

Check Liquid Contact Indicator which might give you a hint of what’s wrong with your hardware. Well, if you have found the sensor is red then you may have water damage on your iPhone or iPod.

But don’t worry, because the sensors can be tripped occasionally by high humidity or even just a small rain drop, so it is possible the sensor is red because of high humidity. So, if you have found any hardware trouble on your iOS device with LCI in red color, don’t think that your device is being damaged by water and you could not claim for warranty. But instead the good news is that you can still claim for the warranty for your iOS device unless your iPhone or iPod does not show external evidence of water damage or corrosion. Check out the Apple’s Water Damage Policy from HERE.

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