Display Clock on Mac OS X Screen Saver

If you are wondering your Mac OS X Screen Saver to show you date, time, or day then follow the easy step by step guidelines to enable it right within from your System Preferences. Mac OS X features many pre-installed screen savers which in addition has the ability to add clock to any of the screen saver that you have on your Mac, including those you may have downloaded elsewhere. So lets see how can you add Clock to Mac OS X’s Screen Saver.

Display Clock Screen Saver Mac

How to Display Clock on Mac OS X Screen Saver

  • From the Apple Menu, Select System Preferences (located at top left hand corner of your screen)
  • And select the “Desktop & Screen Saver” option from the “Personal” section
  • Click on “Screen Saver” (located at top of the Desktop & Screen Saver preferences window)
  • and Select your favorite screen saver, from the Screen Savers menu
  • Check the box next to “Show with clock” (located right below the Screen Savers menu)
  • and Quit System Preference. That is it..

NOTE – You can not change the appearance of the clock. To configure the appearance of the clock as well as add alarms and such, you have to download screen savers from internet.

Check out some Mac OS screen savers just from below -

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