iREB RC4 Released, Now available for Download

The well known hacker and developer iH8sn0w has recently released iREB RC4 tool (an updated version of iREB). If you are unaware of this tool, iREB is a utility application that allows you to load custom firmware on your iOS device by putting it in a pwned DFU state. Moreover it also allows you to kick your device out of recovery mode.

Download iReb RC4 Windows

The new release (iREB RC4) is come along with new improvements and solves issues with the Classic Theme and iPod Touch first generation.The app is now capable of working both for iOS 4.x and iOS 3.x.

NOTE – The Mac version of the iReb is still under development.


To know more about iREB, follow the link from here.

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One thought on “iREB RC4 Released, Now available for Download

  1. i bricked my 3gs 3.1.2 / 5.11.07 new boot, have saved 3.1.3 shsh on cydia, tried to resto to 3.1.3- used iREB RC4 and placed in dfu, itunes resto up to ‘verifying iphone resto..’completed, then itunes ends saying ‘will reboot in 10 secs’, then itunes pop up saying “itunes detects iphone in recovery mode, you must resto….”….. Now ‘USBview’ shows stuck in dfu and cant even get it out of dfu …just stuk in dfu & now cant even get it our of dfu?? any help

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