SyncMate is Released To Sync Android Tablet With Mac

Eltima Software has declared the new SyncMate 3, which has been providing Android users with a way of seamlessly syncing their phones with their Mac for sometime, but, this newly updated version also brings the support for Android powered tablets. Also, the software enables you to mount your device as a disk and send SMS messages directly from your Mac using the SMS manager. The devices can be connected using the SMS manager.

SyncMate for Mac to sync Android tablet with Mac

Well, the free version of SyncMate will allow you to sync your contacts and calendars between your Mac and your Android device, but if you upgrade to the “Expert” edition at $39.95, then you can also transfer folders, music, images, videos and bookmarks.

The SyncMate is an essential software for any Mac user with their Android device. Though iTunes may have its issues, still, it’s a great way for iOS users to manage the content on their devices from one app. Apart from that, the SyncMate also provides a solution for those running the Android platform who are denied iTunes support by Apple, but the only drawback is that you can’t manage your apps.

This SyncMate will also sync your Mac with your Windows Mobile device, Nokia S40 phones and the Sony PSP along with the above-mentioned Android phones and tablets.


Download SyncMate from here.

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