How to Add Photo to Your iPhone Text message

Curious to know how to add a photo (picture) to your iPhone text message? But before that, lets go for a brief lesson on text messaging. The text messages are sent using a protocol called SMS (simple messaging service) and it allows a max 160 character in a single message and unlikely it only supports characters! no image, sound nor music. So how could we add image to a text message! Lets find out just from below.

add Photo iPhone Text message

By default, just like other mobile devices, your iPhone supports text messaging and is set up to work with text-only, hence it is called text messaging. So to be able to send photo via text message you required to enable MMS (multimedia messaging service) on your iPhone. Through which you can add different media files with your text. So how could we enable it from our iPhone? Follow the guidelines from below -

  • Tap on Settings and then
  • Tap on Messages
  • Now here change the setting value of “MMS Messaging” to ON
  • and back to the messaging application

How to Add Photo to Your iPhone Text message

  • Well, now you can see a little camera icon on the left of the text message area (That because of you have enabled MMS)

enable mms on iphone

  • Tap on it and select either “Take photo or video” or “Choose existing” button
  • Select “Take photo or video” to take photos or videos from your camera or
  • Select “Choose existing” button to pick existing photos from your iPhone
  • That is it

NOTE – While sending pictures as text messages (well, as mms messages) on iPhone, it actually breaks up into text + photo + text as shown image above.

Well, to unable MMS on your iPhone, you need carrier support, but unfortunately AT&T doesn’t support MMS. But if are on other carrier like T-Mobile then follow the guidelines link to Enable MMS on your iPhone.

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