How to Make iPhone App Without Knowing Anything

Well, are you wondering to make an iPhone app then here is 6 way to build an iPhone app for which you don’t required to be intimidated by terms like “Objective-C” or “C++.” Just with little bit of patience and some help from third party, you can design and publish an iOS app quite easily. Check out the 6 places where you can get help to make/ build your own iPhone app without knowing anything.

How to Make iPhone App No Coding required


AppMakr is a iPhone app making platform which allows you to create your own iPhone app quickly and easily without letting you to provide any coding information. AppMakr is basically helpful for bloggers or publishers to create a basic iOS app that incorporates existing RSS feeds and provide an easy way to enter the mobile publishing space.


MobBase is perfect for your band. MobBase allows you to create an iPhone app that will share their music, Twitter feed, tour dates, and photos etc.


iSites enables you to easily create and self-manage apps for iPhone. iSites consolidates your RSS feeds from Quick Post, Blogger, Posterous, Youtube, Flickr, and other social media sites and assembles everything into a complete app to make it fun to use.


Swebapps lets you to design advanced iPhone apps that include streaming audio, photo galleries, map and location capabilities, and even podcasts.

My App Builder

My App Builder allows you to create an identical app for iPhone. Yo build an app, you only required to provide them with your content and a “blueprint.” and all the rest of the task is done for you by the team. My App Builder charges $29 a month.

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps allows an easy way to create an iOS app. Bizness Apps lets you to choose from a menu of options to create your iPhone app. Bizness Apps charges $39 per month. The company also guarantees to finish your app for you if you run into trouble.

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