How To Recover Deleted Text Messages from your iPhone

Every one says it is impossible to recover deleted messages on iPhone, but thanks to riactant, who finds the solution to retrieve your deleted text messages from your iPhone. Well, if you have deleted any important message accidentally, then follow the guidelines from below to retrieve it.

recover deleted text messages iphone

NOTE – Backup your iPhone using iTunes, before you go through the process.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages from your iPhone

  • Download and install TextPad
  • Open the TextPad and select “Search ” -> Find in Files…
  • Complete the “Find in Files” dialog as you can see in the following screenshot

recover deleted text messages iphoneClick on the to Enlarge it

- Checked the Search subfolders checkbox

- Provide the “In Folder” path value (For vista) – c:Documents and Settings[username]Application DataApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup

For Windows 7 – c:users[username]App DataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup

  • After done, then click Find
  • Well, in TextPad search results pane you can see at least one search result found, (even though multiple results may have been returned which point to the SMS DB file per backup folder). Check out the screenshot below

recover deleted text messages iphone

Click on the to Enlarge it

  • Double-click on any one of the search results and the SQLite file will open in the upper pane which will may look like garbage, but there’s alot of human readable info in the file, particularly your text messages. So enjoy!

Stay tuned for more updates like this. Well, if you have any question or suggestion, or find any error in the process then just leave a comment!

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