How to Upload photos to Facebook from iPhone

Do you know how to upload photos to Facebook right from your iPhone? Well, if not then follow the easy step by step guidelines from below to upload photos to Facebook from your iPhone. Well, honestly said, the facebook app interface is little weird on iPhone. So it is not to surprise that you are having a bit of trouble figuring out how to upload photos and all that. Just follow the step by step guide from below to know the procedure.

iphone upload photo facebook

How to Upload photos to Facebook from iPhone

  • Launch the Facebook app from the Springboard
  • Tap on the Photos (it will now show you your created albums)
  • Now click on the “+” button (at the top right corner of the Facebook app)
  • It will ask you to create a new album, so create one
  • And then tap on the camera icon (on the top right of the Facebook app)
  • Well, it will allow you to choice of taking a picture or choosing one from your album
  • After that tap on “Choose from Library” button
  • After that tap on the words “Write a caption..” to provide name and then click on “Done” on the top right (optional)
  • And then tap on “Upload” button on the lower right corner
  • That’s it!

Stay tuned for more updates like this. Well, if you have any question or any other cool/useful tips to share with, then just leave them in comments!

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