Now Install iMovie On iPad 1

Well, the good news is that iMovie for iPad 2 now available on the iTunes App Store and you can download and install it on your iPad 2 model without any hesitation. Well, where the first gen iPad model doesn’t sport camera, the primary purpose for iMovie on iOS device is to be able to edit the video that is recorded from your device camera.

Install iMovie On iPad 1

But thanks to MacRumors via Fscklog has now posted the entire instructions on how to get iMovie 1.2 working the first-generation iPad, for which you don’t need to jailbreak your device.

Here is the guidelines, follow it ..

How to Install iMovie On iPad 1

  • Download and install a iPhone Configuration 3.3 Utility for (Windows / Mac)
  • Launch it from your computer and click on “Applications” (located left side of the screen)
  • and Open iMovie (can be found under iTunes / Mobile Applications)

iMovie on iPad 1

  • Connect your iPad via USB cable and select your iPad listed under “Devices”
  • select the “Applications” tab and then hit the “Install” button to install iMovie 1.2 on your iPad 1.
  • That is it ..

iMovie on iPad 1

So this is how you can Install iMovie On iPad 1. Stay tuned for more updates like this. Well, if you have any question or any other cool/useful tips to share with, then just leave them in comments!

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