iOS 5 Voice Recognition Interface Concept [Video]

Well, as you all know, now, the web is heated with the new voice recognition technology that to be brought to you by the new majorly updated iOS, i.e. iOS 5. But, now, the next question is that how Apple will implement this new technology in its devices. One person, Jan-Michael Cart has thought of an idea on how it might be possible to implement and put together a well-conceptualized video from below.

iOS 5 Voice Recognition Interface Concept

Jan has conceptualized the interface of the voice recognition based on a number of aspects, starting with the notion that it can be used to navigate the complete user interface and is triggered by holding down the home button — much similar to how Voice Control works presently. However, instead of bumping you to a whole new screen as Voice Control does, the status bar will turn into blue and serve as a visual guide as to when to speak and telling you how you interpreted what you said.

Though that’s a straight-forward extension of what iOS currently does, but the more intriguing is Jan Michaels concept of how any text-field can have voice input. All you have to do is that press and hold the text-field and again the status bar turns blue and you speak. Well, in case of notes or mail (which don’t have a text-field but rather an area for a block of text) you would double tap to open the copy and paste bar but which would also now have a microphone icon — pressing it would start voice dictation.

As expected earlier, Jan also believes that APIs would be offered to developers to use voice recognition and shows how the Facebook app would be an easy candidate for the support of voice recognition.

Well, you can watch the conceptual iOS 5 voice recognition interface from the video embedded below;

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