Leaked iPhone 5 Front Panel [Photos]

Various rumors are floating around the web regarding the most awaited next generation iPhone. Recently a repair shop named iResQ has posted some photos of iPhone 5 headphone jack, dock connector and flex cable. French website Nowhereelse.fr has already posted some leaked parts of next generation iPhone. Now you can see the front panel of iPhone 5. UBreakiFix has collected some photos of iPhone 5 front panel. They have also posted these photos on their website. You can see the photos of leaked iPhone 5 front panel posted below.

iPhone 5 Front Panel

You can see the space available in iPhone 5 front panel for display, FaceTime camera, Home button and headphone jack from the above photos. You can see the space for FaceTime camera that is available above the earpiece. It coincides with a previous rumor which had claimed that Apple will change the position of FaceTime camera in the next generation iPhone. If the FaceTime camera will be available above the earpiece in iPhone 5, then it will allow users to make FaceTime video calling more conveniently. The leaked iPhone 5 front panel includes space for 4-inch screen. The above photo confirms that iPhone 5 will come with smaller home button.

From the photos you can see the space for headphone jack that is available at the bottom. It provides a clear indication that the headphone jack will be available at the bottom of next generation iPhone while it is available at the top in the current generation iPhone. Various rumors are also claiming that Apple will change the position of headphone jack in the next generation iPhone and iPad mini.

The leaked front panel of iPhone 5 coincides with the previous rumors. All iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for the launch of iPhone 5. Still no word from Apple regarding the launch date of next generation iPhone. iPhone 5 is expected to be launched on September 21st and it will be announced on September 12th at a special media event.

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