Nike BOOM 1.1.1 App Relaesed for iPhone and iPod Touch

Nike, Inc. has announced the release of it’s new version Nike BOOM 1.1.1 app for both iPhone and iPod Touch. Nike BOOM 1.1.1 brings syncs to your music for dynamic training workouts only to motivate you. First the users need to choose their sport, then their type of training-such as intervals-then set the amount of time they have and the playlist they want to listen to. Using this new app you can even alert your Facebook friends and get cheers of encouragement from them in real time.

Nike BOOM 1.1.1

Nike BOOM 1.1.1 features includes:

  • Auto-Share to Facebook
  • Redesigned interface
  • Bug Fixes
  • Add time to your session with new ‘Overtime’ feature

Thus, Nike BOOM 1.1.1 is available in the iTunes App Store for free. It requires iOS 4.0 or later and is 6.8 MB in size. You can download Nike BOOM 1.1.1 app for iPhone and iPod Touch from here. We will update you as wet more info. Don’t forget to buzz your comments. Till then stay tuned.

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