Official Unlocked iPhone 4 Goes To U.S. Now On Sale!

Well, it’s not a surprising news for many, isn’t it? As reported earlier, the Cupertino giant is now selling the carrier unlocked GSM-based iPhone 4 models in the USA, making it the first time the devices have been offered legitimately through the country’s primary market. hence, now, an unlocked iPhone 4 can be used on any carrier in the USA other than the GSM network, or otherwise, you have an active micro-SIM card for the network.

Official unlocked iPhone 4 now for sale in USA

Cost Of Unlocked iPhones

The cost prices of both the black and white colored iPhones are same, but, the price rate differs by terms of the storage capacity;

  • Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB – $649
  • Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB – $749

Well, are you wondering on so much high cost prices? Then, Apple answers it the best as follows;

Carriers typically subsidize the purchase price of the phone when purchased with a service contract. By purchasing your iPhone unlocked, you are not committing to a service contract up front, so you can use any micro-SIM card from a supported GSM carrier, including your current one.

So, what do you think on this? Are the prices of the iPhones are really high in compared to the very good unlocking facility? Just don’t forget to share your views and opinions on this with us.

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