PdaNet Updated To Mask Tethering Usage From Carriers

PdaNet, the popular jailbreaking tool has been updated to bring a very good feature that hides iPhone tethering usage from its carrier. Actually, this update has come, since AT&T starts a crackdown on customers who illegally use their device’s data connection without paying for a tethering plan. Well, let’s have more information on this from below.

PdaNet Jailbreak Tool Updated To Hide Tethering from Carriers

Actually, in order to identify illegal tethering, AT&T looks at the types of packets hitting its network, and if any packet that doesn’t come from an iPhone is checked and warnings are then sent to the offenders informing them they must cease their wrongdoing or billed for their use.

Hence, the new feature of the PdaNet jailbreak tool works by hiding those packets and making the carrier believe that they are coming from an iPhone, and that all of their subscribers are being good boys and girls.

Apart from the hiding the packets, the 5.00 update allows multiple WiFi connections and has been rewritten to offer the best possible performance and quash any bugs. All the MyWi users, just don’t lose your heart, it surely won’t long before this app follows with the same feature.

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