How to Restart Frozen Dock, Finder, or Menubar on Mac OS X

If you have found your Mac OS X Dock, Finder, or Menubar Frozen, then here is easy tips for you my friend which will help you to quickly Restart the Frozen Dock, Finder, or Menubar on your Mac OS X. Simple follow the how to procedure just from below to discover the guidelines.

Restart Frozen Dock on Mac OS X

How to Restart Frozen Dock on Mac OS X

  • Press Command-Option-Escape to bring up the Force Quit Applications window
  • and highlight Finder in the list of applications
  • and click the Restart button


  • Ope the Terminal
  • and type

killall -KILL Dock


killall Dock

  • and then press Return
  • That is it

How to Frozen Restart Finder, Menubar on Mac OS X

Finder -

killall -KILL Finder

Menubar -

killall -KILL SystemUIServer

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