Retro iPhone Case to Turn your iPhone into 80’s Block Cellphone

Did you miss out the fun living in the 1980s, with big hair, white-washed jeans! Well, sorry I can’t help on that, but here is something which can take you to the flashback to the 1980s days. Well, some people really miss those days where the technology were not so enhanced and they were happy in there lives with some sort of early geeky stuffs which they loved to use. Well, my Grandpaa, when saw my iPhone he doesn’t realize its a phone and he can’t even hold and use it properly the way he loved to use a phone actually. I feel so bad for him. But thanks to this ultimate retro iPhone Case which gives me an idea to use it with my iPhone to make him happy with my iPhone to realize the scene he is actually holding a 80’s Block Cellphone.

retro 80s iphone case

So friend those of you are wondering it and feel the same, it could be the best gift for your grandpaa, then you have to wait for a time, because the case is not available to order yet, and the creators of the product don’t even have a website for it. We collect the information from Gizmodo that, this Retro iPhone Case will cost $20 when it does arrive sometime in the near future.

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