This Accessory Converts iPad 2 Into MacBook Air

As you all know, ever since Steve Jobs and Apple has talked over the new age of computing, such as iPad, there are some scary stories about the PC world. We have been told that the mobile devices are taking over the PCs. But, this accessory gives the right answer to it. Actually, this new accessory can turn your iPad to a “notebook”, i.e. the mobile devices also help the PC era by converting itself. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

Pic3D: An Accessory That Turns iPhone, iPad And Windows Computers Into Glasses-Free 3D Display [Video]

Well, just recently at the 3D and Virtual Reality Expo (that’s going on in Tokyo), Global Wave, a company, has introduced an accessory, known as, Pic3D. Actually, this Pic3D accessory is a thin plastic sheet that can turn any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or traditional desktop or laptop into a glasses-free 3D display. Well, let’s have more information on this cool, new accessory from below. Read More

Thunderbolt Cable Teardown Reveals Active Chips

As reported earlier, Apple has just recently released the new Thunderbolt cable for data transfer and display connection. Now, recently, iFixit has torn apart the Thunderbolt cable, and has been revealed that the new Thunderbolt cable actually has active chips inside, making transfer faster. Well, let’s have more information on the teardown of the newly released Thunderbolt cable from below. Read More

Apple Launches Thunderbolt Cable For Data Transfers And Displays

Well, here’s a quick heads-up! Just recently, Apple has released their own accessory for data transfers and display connections between Thunderbolt Macs. This accessory comes in the form of a cable with both ends featuring connectors for the Thunderbolt I/O port. As already reported that this port is the same size as the Mini Display ports on current and past generation for Macs. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

Is It the Next Red Hot AddOn For iPhone? [Video]

Well, here’s something for our iPhone users! Yes, as you know, KickStarter, one of the crowd funding platforms, is responsible for changing our approach to the things. Actually, this platform has been witnessed several projects however it was a handful of projects, such as, LunaTik and TikTok (both made to convert the iPod nano into wrist watch), that got the good records. However, just recently, it has been found that a new project that has a potential of being equally big. Read More

This WiMax Case For iPhone 4 Provides 4G Speeds

As you all know, there are a lot of rumors as to when the iPhone will have 4G speeds. Well, according to some people, it will be brought to you in the very next release, however most agree that we won’t see any sort of LTE / 4G speeds on any iPhones until at least next year. Though any sort of iPhone 4G may be long ways away in the United States, but a new case has already been equipped for iPhone 4 in South Korea with WiMax / 4G data speeds. Read More

iPad 2 Smart Cover Review [Accessory]

Since the original iPad case completely covered the beautiful device, Apple introduces smart covers with iPad 2, which is just made for iPad 2. It attaches magnetically and aligns perfectly to protect the iPad display. The best part of this accessory is – it supports auto wakes up feature on iPad 2 as you put it off and auto sleeps as you close it. Read More

Transparent iPhone 4 DIY Case is Now Available

Transparent iPhone 4 Case is now here for all! The iPhone case that you see from the screenshots below is the concept by a guy who lived at Hong Kong. Who thought it is cool to have transparent iPhone 4, thus he took the chassis off and applied thinner inside of the glass to remove the black paint coating. And he makes this (Transparent iPhone 4) what you can see from your own eyes. Read More

LifeProof – A Water, Dirt, Sand, Snow Proof iPhone 4 Case

When it comes to super ruggedized cases for portable electronics, the first name that comes into our mind is OtterBox, but unfortunately it is not all that pocket-friendly and is quite bulky. Well, if you are wondering something quite similar to that iPhone case then I must say LifeProof iPhone case is the one that you might be looking for.

Read More

Turn Your iPhone 4 into Multi-Purpose Digital Camera with Turtleback Turtle Jacket [Accessory]

If you are crazy about photography and you always pick your iPhone to take photos then introducing an iPhone (iPhone 4) accessory so called Turtleback Turtle Jacket, that most likely turn your iPhone 4 into Multi-Purpose Digital Camera. The idea of using the iPhone as a camera is not so attractive though, but thanks to Turtleback Turtle Jacket that comes in to provide photographic experience with iPhone in a better way. Read More

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