How To Force Any App To Use AirPlay [Guide]

Though AirPlay is a very good technology released from Apple, but one drawback is that not all the apps support it. However, now, don’t worry, there is one way to force these apps to use AirPlay. Actually, you are on the right place. Here’s presenting you the step by step guidelines on how to force any app to use Apple’s AirPlay technology. Read More

Apple Posts New AirPlay And FaceTime Commercials [Videos]

Just recently, Apple has posted two new iPhone commercials advertising AirPlay and FaceTime features on the iPhone 4. This FaceTime ad demos iPhone-to-iPhone video calling, which has been a staple for Apple since iPhone 4 has been released. Apart from that, it also allows iPhone-to-Mac and iPhone to iPad FaceTime, which is actually new. On the other hand, AirPlay features playing music from the iPod app on your home stereo and watching photos or movies on your Apple TV. Read More

iOS 5 AirPlay Mirroring On iPad In Action [Video]

Well, here’s a quick heads-up! You might be heard from somewhere (as the web is now hot with the new iOS 5 and WWDC event news) that the new AirPlay Mirroring was one of the key features of new iOS 5 that wasn’t discussed elaborately during the WWDC keynote. Actually, it wirelessly displays everything you do on your iPad 2 right on your HDTV through Apple TV. Let’s have more information on this with the video demonstrating its functionality from below. Read More

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