How To Re-Install Facebook App For iPad Using FaceForward Cydia Tweak [Guide]

As reported earlier, the new Facebook app for iPad is under construction phase and according to the rumors, the new official Facebook app for iPad will be available from the very first day. But, if you are a jailbroken iOS device user, then, you can install Facebook app for iPad (the official unreleased version) right now. Here’s presenting you the step by step guidelines on how to install Facebook app on jailbroken iPad. Read More

How To Enable Facebook Video Chat Calling In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Well, just recently, Facebook has declared their built-in video chat feature that uses Skype to start video calls, however, unluckily, support for the new feature is lacking for Mac OS X Lion users and the recent version of Safari. Actuallym if you’ll go for it, then, you’ll see the video call button has been greyed out with a message saying “Not supported in this browser or OS version”. Well, here’s presenting the step by step guidelines on how to activate the Facebook video chat calling in Mac OS X Lion. Read More

Facebook 3.4.3 For iPhone Released With Bug Fixes And Enhanced Security Features

Here’s a quick heads-up! Just recently, Facebook has released an updated iPhone version i.e. version 3.4.3. As you know, an updated version naturally brings something new, likewise, this updated Facebook version has also brought some minor changes with it, i.e. no change log other than “various bug fixes” amd “improved security”. Well, let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

How To Save Photos From Facebook For iPhone [Guide]

Well, here’s something great for our iPhone users! Yes, are you wondering on how to take photos from the Facebook for iPhone app, then, don’t worry, you are on the right track! Differently from iOS, you just can’t tap, hold, and select Save Image from a pop-up, i.e. that feature doesn’t come with the official Facebook for iPhone app. Now, don’t worry, here’s presenting you the step by step guidelines on saving photos from Facebook for iPhone app. Read More

Facebook is All Set To Launch Official iPad App? [CONFIRMED]

Well, here’s a quick heads-up! Yes, according to the reports of The New York Times, Facebook has been working on an iPad app for approx over the past year, and now reportedly, they are at testing phase ahead of the launch in “coming weeks”. On this Facebook’s iPad project, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has commented that “carefully designed and optimized for the tablet”, who is the same person remarking on iPad that it’s not a mobile device. Read More

More Details About Facebook's New iPhone Photo Sharing App [SCREENSHOTS]

Just recently, a few hours ago, we have reported you about the leak that revealed Facebook is working secretly on a iPhone Photo Sharing app. Now, we are again here with some more details on this app, i.e. even more screenshots and features, such as, commenting features built right in, as well photo capturing (though that wasn’t all that surprising). Let’s have more information on this new, but “secret” Facebook’s Photo Sharing app for iPhone from below. Read More

Facebook's Secretly Made Photo Sharing iPhone App Leaked?

As you know, now-a-days, everyone is busy in getting excited over the witter integration found in iOS 5, at that time, Facebook, the social networking giant may have been working on its own surprise for iPhone users, i.e. a brand new photo-sharing app. Well, according to the report of TechCrunch by MG Siegler, its writers have “obtained roughly 50MB of images and documents outlining” this mystery app. Read More

New iPhone 5 "First Exposure" Scam Revolving Around Facebook [Warning]

Well, as you know, up to today, we were receiving the rumors associated with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5! The Facebook users are increasing scams without any cause by clicking on what looks like a couple to news entitled “First Exposure: iPhone 5″. Basically, a chronicle of scam, exploiting peoples’ seductiveness in the next generation iPhone, went around Facebook progressing this month, and it’s behind currently with teenager changes. Read More

How To Turn An iPad Into An Auto-Updated Facebook News Feed and Photo Frame

Well, there are many people like me who will be happy, if their old gadget or any out-dated thing will be reused again by any means. Hence, as you all know, the new iPad 2 has been released and many people having the iPad 1 already also have bought the second-generation iPad, and likewise, your iPad 1 now won’t be used anymore, isn’t it? Here’s presenting you how you can reuse your iPad (also it is applicable for the iPad 2) as an auto-updated Facebook News Feed and Photo frame. Read More

Facebook for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Updated

One of the most popular and widely used iOS app Facebook has now been get updated for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This new Facebook version 3.3.3 has come along with overall improved and polished UI and much better reliability and bug fixes. It also supports the ability to post as a page that you admin on Facebook. Lets check it out what change logs it include from below. Read More

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