Jailbreaking App Mishap & How to Fix It

Jailbreaking your iPod, iPhone or iPad is a wonderful tool that has made IOS platforms much more usable and creative. It has opened up a large window of opportunity for developers and users worldwide. However, quite a few individuals are running into problems with their devices after they are jailbroken and I would like to explain the largest problem with jailbreaking to this point and how to fix it.




  • After jailbroken, your device is having troubles opening apps that you have downloaded. Mainly what will happen when you select an app is it will blink as if you have pressed it and a white light will flash across the screen and then it will go back to the main screen. Now sometimes this happens even when you device is not jailbroken, but I want to mainly focus on when it is.




  1. The most common and most simple way that you can repair your device so that the apps will open again is to restore your iPod, iPhone or iPad. This should fix the problem immediately; however, a lot of people do not like this solution because they lose a lot of information that was saved on their device.

Fix 1604, 1601, 1600, 16xx Error Custom Firmware Restore in iTunes

Wondering how to Fix 1604, 1601, 1600, 16xx Error during iOS 4.2.1 custom IPSW firmware restore in iTunes? Well, here is your solution! iPhone developer iH8sn0w has just released a new version of iREB which is compatible with all iOS 4.2.1 devices and allows you to bypass 1604, 1603, 1602, 1601, 1600 error in iTunes while you restore iOS 4.2.1 custom firmware using Sn0wbreeze. Read More

Fix iBooks Error After Jailbreaking iOS 4.2.1 with GreenPois0n

Yesterday we informed that Apple’s iBooks app restricting content on Jailbroken iOS devices, where people were experiencing the error messages which reads “problem with configuration of iPhone”. And that was ensured by the Comex to bring the solution for it soon through the next iOS jailbreaking tool, which is however the new release of PwnageTool 4.2 and Sn0wbreeze 2.2 has solved the issue. But what if you’re already jailbroken using Redsn0w 0.9.6, 0.9.7 or GreenPois0n? Well, don’t worry my friend, thanks to a simple fix available on Cydia which can fix iBooks error from the device itself. (Check it out) Read More

Fix Cydia app Missing After Jailbreaking iOS 4.2.1 with GreenPois0n

Recently Chronic Dev Team has released the updated version GreenPois0n (Greenpois0n RC5 2) aiming to fix the initialization error which occurred during the iOS 4.2.1 jailbreaking process. Well, in sort of these problems if you are facing another problem like Cydia app missing or broken Cydia installations after a successful jailbreak with GreenPois0n. Then follow the easy troubleshooting solution (video guide) just from below to Troubleshoot Cydia app missing on your iPhone. Read More

How to Uninstall Unstable Cydia Apps When Cydia Won’t Open

Sometimes what happen, we install apps which are unstable on our device due to some specific reasons like, the compatibility of that app doesn’t shoot other iPhone or iPad models or compatible with certain firmware versions or may have installed conflicting tweaks. Well say, whatever the reason may be, but the thing is – it sometimes causes the Springboard crashing with no way to open Cydia to uninstall those unstable apps. So in this situation what should be done! Well, the solution is so simple however, just follow the how to guidelines to fix this issue. Read More

iPhone Alarm Clock is not Working in 2011 [How to Fix]

As we know the Alarm Clock of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is not working in 2011. Lots of people are busy for finding a fix for this issue. Actually a few iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are affected by this issue. We have face similar bug in the iPhone alarm clock in November 2010. iPhone alarm clock fail to repeat alarms during the change to Standard Time in that time. Read More

Fix iTunes Error 1013 When Updating iPhone 4 to iOS 4.2.1

Recently we heard about an issue from our readers that – they are facing problem while they tries to update iOS 4.2.1 firmware on their iPhone 4. They have encountered with iTunes Error Code 1013 or Error Code 1611. So guys! those of you are facing the same problem, we are suggesting them to go for a Apple support for this issue. But if you don’t fancy waiting for an official fix, then simply follow the guide to try and successfully update your iOS device to iOS 4.2.1. Read More

How to Fix iTunes 1004, 1015 Error, and Restore iPhone 4, 3GS Successfully on iOS 4.0.1 [TUTORIAL]

Now you can Fix iTunes 1004, 1015 Error, and Restore iPhone 4, 3GS Successfully on iOS 4.0.1. You will have to make a couple of changes in your system’s “host” file, by pointing it towards Cydia server instead of Apple’s. You may also receive another error during restore: 1004, or 1015 from iTunes saying: “The iPhone [you name] iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1004)”. The following step by step instructions will guide you to Fix iTunes 1004, 1015 Error, and Restore iPhone 4, 3GS Successfully on iOS 4.0.1. Read More

Fix for Unable to Load This Page and Login Failed Errors on Facebook 3.2

Yesterday night Facebook updated their iPhone application to version 3.2 which brings the new Places feature to our favorite phone. This feature allows you to let friends know where you are, and “Pull Down to Refresh”, like the Official Twitter for iPhone app. After the update some jailbroken iPhone users may have noticed some pages not loading in the app, or not being able to log in at all. Below are the steps using which you can fix this problem. Read More

Dropped Your iPhone in Water? Well there is a Fix for that !

What is the next step that you would take if your expensive iPhone dropped in water ? Such accidents are not very uncommon. Since the warranty for most electronics device does not cover water damage . Well there is a fix for that, Using the following steps you can save your iPhone. Below are easy steps to follow if your iPhone has experienced water damage. Read More

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