Wondering to Use Airplay with Your iPhone? Here is the Guide

For those who don’t know, Airplay (3rd party app) is an iOS feature that allows you to stream content from your iOS device directly to your High Definition  TV. Well guys if you are new iPhone user and quite excited to use Airplay from your iPhone in order to stream media files to your Apple TV then follow the step by step procedure to use AirPlay with your iPhone. Read More

iOS 4.3 Jailbreaking on Apple TV now possible with Seas0nPass

Seas0nPass Jailbreaking tool is now been updated and brings support for Apple TV (second-gen) to jailbreak it on recently released iOS 4.3 firmware. Like almost all jailbreaks for iOS 4.3, this version of Seas0nPass jailbreak also is limited to tethered-boot, but we hope the iOS 4.3 jailbreak will find its way to uptethered solution very soon. Anyways, follow the how to guidelines posted below to Jailbreak Apple TV On iOS 4.3. Read More

You can use iTunes 10.2.1 Home Sharing feature to share your iTunes library Wirelessly

By the help of iTunes 10.2.1 Home Sharing feature, you can share your iTunes library wirelessly with anyone on your local network. Means you can share any Mac or PC’s media library with any iOS 4.3 compatible iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV or any Macs and PC on your network. So guys, if you are wondering how to setting up iTunes home sharing feature to share your iTunes library wirelessly then follow the guidelines just from below. Read More

Wondering to Disable Spaces Animation in Mac OS X, Here is the Guide

Mac users probably know about Spaces animation which forms anytime you flip between Spaces in Mac OS X. Well, I know this is quite nice and fancy but the thing is it makes switching Spaces slower than it needs to be. So friend if you are wondering how to disable spaces animation in Mac OS X, then here is the guide you need to follow. Read More

You Can Click and Drag any URL from Twitter for Mac app

You can click and drag any URL in Twitter for Mac to another application. This is quite handy and useful feature, if you want to open a URL in a different browser rather than the default. Well, getting it right can be a little challenging at the first time but after for a  while it will be easy to do that. Read More

Remotely Install Mac OS X on your MacBook Air

MacBook Air is a fantastic computing device but it lacks optical drive and includes a tiny flash drive for reinstalling Mac OS X which might be cause a habit of becoming misplaced. Even you can’t always take it with you when the situation calls for it. But don’t worry at all, using a Disk Utility, you can easily install Mac OS X, or even use the Apple Hardware Test with a piece of Utility software that comes preloaded on Snow Leopard. Follow the instructions carefully to Remotely Install Mac OS X on your MacBook Air. Read More

You can use your iPhone 4 as a Pay-Go iPhone

Are you an iPhone 4 users, then good news for you that you can use your iPhone 4 as a pay-as-you-go phone means that you can setup your iPhone 4 by transferring sim cards with AT&T. And guess what the method works to get pay-go calling and data use. Well, the following guidelines will be guide you to setup an iPhone 4 as a Pay-Go phone and to enable Data & Internet on a Pay-Go iPhone 4 as well. Read More

Display Clock on Mac OS X Screen Saver

If you are wondering your Mac OS X Screen Saver to show you date, time, or day then follow the easy step by step guidelines to enable it right within from your System Preferences. Mac OS X features many pre-installed screen savers which in addition has the ability to add clock to any of the screen saver that you have on your Mac, including those you may have downloaded elsewhere. So lets see how can you add Clock to Mac OS X’s Screen Saver. Read More

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