Apple's Voice-Recognition Service Coming To Future iOS, Will Be Called "Assistant"

Well, here’s a quick heads-up! According to the recent report of 9To5Mac, Apple is going to have an extensive voice recognition service in a future version of iOS called, “Assistant”.  As already rumored earlier, Apple was planning to include voice-related features from its acquisition of personal assistant company Siri, and a partnership with speech-to-text specialists Nuance. However, Apple didn’t talk anything about such features when it first demoed iOS 5 at WWDC in June. Read More

How To Convert .DMG Into .IPSW [Video Guide]

Actually, the recently released iOS 5 beta 3 and beta 4 download files are in .DMG format. Hence, naturally, several issues are coming on how to extract the .IPSW from it. Well, don’t worry, you are on the right track! Here’s presenting you the video guide showing step by step guidelines on how to convert a .DMG file into .IPSW file. Just have a look on below. Read More

TiVo App Updated To Support iPhone, Series 3 DVRs

Here’s a quick heads-up! Just recently, TiVo has released its DVR app for the iPhone or iPod touch! As you all know, the updated version naturally brings something new, likewise, this new TiVo version offers many of the features. This new iPhone version of the TiVo app allows TiVo users to manage their recording schedule, browse throughout content and control their DVR easily from their phone. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

VirusBarrier : The First-Ever Antivirus And Malware Scanner For iPhone And iPad

Actually, it should be released sooner! Yes, though lately, now, all the iOS users can get their first ever iOS app designed for catching and eradicating malware. Though currently, there are no known malware issues to the iPhone and iPad, but, the newly released VirusBarrier is targeted at scanning the files we all find ourselves sharing around our local network.. Well, let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

Opera 6.0.1 Update Shows Commitment To iOS

Well, it seems that differently from the other previous versions, Opera shows more seriousness in the new iteration of Opera Mini. Actually, Opera is a very good browser especially on 3G as you can tweak website performance to your heart’s content, and while the final product may be compressed through Opera’s servers, getting that web page at all is certainly better than nothing. Let’s have more information on this new update. Read More

How To Get Most Out Of The Google+ App On Your Mac And iOS Devices

As you already know, Google+ is an already popular app and it isn’t showing any sign to slow down. Well, if you have already got the new Google+ app, or you are waiting to get this app, then, there are a few ways you can improve the experience when accessing Google’s new social network from Mac and iOS devices. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

AirFoil App Updated To Stream Audio From iOS Devices To Your Mac

As you know, Apple’s AirPlay feature makes it possible to send audio from iTunes to a number of different iOS devices. But, what about getting the other audio on your Mac to play those devices? well, the answer is, Roger Amoeba’s Airfoil and last year, the music utility has gained the ability to send audio from your Mac to iOS devices. Now, this Airfoil app has been updated to the version 4.5 bringing the support for streaming audio from iOS devices to your Mac using the free Airfoil Speakers Mac app. Read More

Google+ iOS App Needs These 3 Things To Become A Killer App

As reported earlier, Google has released the official Google+ app and now awaiting for the approval from Apple in the App Store. Actually, the native app should offer more functionality than the current HTML5 web app, however, Google is already well-known of releasing the less-feature-rich versions on other platforms than its own platform, i.e. Android. Here’s a description of 3 important features that the iOS version of the Google+ app should have. Just check it out! Read More

More iOS And Mac App Sales Over Independence Day Weekend

As you all know, July 4th is the Independence day in U.S., hence, on this special occasion, there are some excellent apps going on sale. Well, the companies those want to honor this special day are, MacGameStore, MacPhun, G5 Entertainment, Rockin Ted, Steam etc. Now, here’s presenting you the apps offers of Mac and iOS on this pre-Independence day weekend. Just check it out! Read More

iOS is Much More Secure Than Android [Report]

Well, here’s some good news about our iOS users! Symantec, the security company behind the Norton Antivirus software suite, recently did some research on the different ways that Android and iOS handle security methods. Guess, who wins? Yes, iOS, you have guessed that right. Actually, the 23-paged document titled as “A Window Into Mobile Device Security” concludes the winner as iOS. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

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