Peel Universal iPhone Remote Control Learns What Programs Interests you Most and suggests top picks to watch on TV

Introducing an iPhone app so called Peel, developed by Peel Technologies. Peel is an Universal iPhone Remote Control which posses maximum stability to learn what programs interests you and it suggests top picks to watch on TV.  So guys, if you are one of those who has spent multiple hours sitting on the couch surfing through countless television channels then I suggest you to grab this flexible iOS app that filter out channels that don’t match your preferences and allow you to use your iPhone for easy channel surfing.

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Now Share What You are Listening to with SoundTracking iPhone app

Introducing an iPhone app so called SoundTracking, released by By Schematic Labs. SoundTracking allows you to Capture and share the music moments in your daily life with your friends and followers. In other words SoundTracking is an easy, fun and expressive way to share the soundtrack to your life means you can share your special music moments as they happen with friends at a restaurant, walking outdoors with your headphones on, or just hanging out with the radio etc. Read More

You can Check iPhone Memory, CPU, Battery, Usage Statistics with DeviceStats

Introducing an iPhone app so called DeviceStats that checks iPhone Memory, CPU, Battery, Usage Statistics etc on your iPhone. In other words, DeviceStats is an utility that lets you easily gather technical usage statistics about your iPhone. Some of the things that you will be able to see within the app includes: Read More

Ustream iPhone app Updated, Brings Broadcast and Chat all at Once

Ustream iPhone app has now been updated and has combined both its Viewer and Broadcaster app into one newly redesigned iPhone app. You can now stream and watch live video all from your iPhone and can take advantage of your iPhone 4′s front facing camera in order to represent live broadcast or can record videos to share with Twitter and Facebook. Ustream also supports interaction with your audience through chat and poll as well. Read More

Skyfire 3.0 for iPhone adds Facebook social layer to Browsing

Skyfire iPhone users will be pleased to know that Skyfire 3.0 is now hit the App Store which has added Facebook social layer to enhance the browsing experience from your iPhone and iPod touch. Well, if you do remember, Skyfire is one of the most popular web browser which capable of playing Flash content on iOS devices. The support which makes it so popular among iPhone users is its capability of playing Flash content which is currently not supported by iOS devices. And now this new Facebook integration to Skyfire has really taken it to another level that it now enter the family of those Facebook Friendly apps. Read More

Translation Fire iPhone app Translates Languages in GChat

Introducing a translation app so called Translation Fire for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This app has the ability to translate in 52 languages and features text-to-speech, plus an added option to translate text in real-time via GChat. Well, similar to like Google Translator it has even more feature that offers users to send translated text to email, SMS or social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition it also supports communication with foreign-speaking friends over Google chat too. Read More

Gogo Navigator for iPhone offers real-time, turn-by-turn 3D navigation

Introducing an iPhone app so called Gogo Navigator, which is a navigation app for iPhone that supports real-time turn by turn navigation throughout the United States and Canada. Apart from many navigation apps the best thing about Gogo Navigator is – it stores maps natively, means if you’re out of range of a signal you can still access maps and can have turn by turn directions. Read More

Muzik for iPhone turns iPod app to look like Windows Phone 7′s Zune app

If you are an iPhone or iPod touch user and wondering to turn your device’s iPod app to look like Windows Phone 7′s Zune app then let me inform you that there is an iOS app so celled Muzik for iPhone that allows you to play music and video with the fancy WP7 interface. Muzik for iPhone iOS app also supports themes which you require to manually install them (visit this forum to learn more). Read More

How to Play PS3 Games On iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

If you are PS3 Game lover, but you don’t have a PS3 then don’t worry my friend, because you can Play PS3 Games On your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using EveryAir iOS app. For those who don’t know EveryAir iPhone app is a remote desktop application that allows you to control what’s happening on-screen using gestures directly from the iOS Device. And the good news is that to give you comfort from pain of desire for playing PS3 Games, the guys at PandaElf are working on a new version of everyAir with the ability to play PS3 games directly on your iDevice. Read More

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