iOS 5 Beta 4 Has Blocked OTA Updates On Jailbroken iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

The newly released iOS 5 beta 4 brings the Over-The-Air (OTA) iOS firmware updates for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Actually, if you are using iOS 5 beta 3, then, you can easily download and install iOS 5 beta 4 OTA without connecting to iTunes. But, if you have jailbroken your iOS device, then, you won’t be able to update the iOS over-the-air. Read More

How To Install And Enable iOS 5 Beta 4 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Without Apple Developer Account [Guide]

As reported earlier, the Cupertino giant has released the new iOS 5 beta 4 to the developers and everyone wants to get their hands on the new Apple mobile operating system that has brought over 200 features and 1500 APIs. But as you all know, unless you are signed up to the $99 per year Apple Developer Program, you can’t just get the new iOS 5 beta. Also, another remedy is that you can wait for this year’s end to get direct public release for the iOS 5. Well, don’t worry, here’s a “backdoor”, using which you can install the new iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without having developer connection. Read More

How To Create New Playlists Right From Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

Are you wondering on how to create a playlist directly from your iPhone or iPad? Though you can create them within iTunes, but what will you do when you are on the go and want a different mix to listen to? Well, don’t worry, actually, creating playlists from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is really easy as it’s in iTunes. Here’s presenting you the step by step guidelines on how to create new playlists right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

How To Convert Your iPad Into iPhone Using Line2 [Video]

As you know, the iPad is a tablet computer and it’s not a cell phone. But does that really stop to turn it? Well, the much obvious answer is “No”. Actually, a new app, called, Line2 is expected to release which will convert your tablet to your phone. Actually, this Line2 app works through VoIP along with the iOS device’s built-in speaker, mic or by using a wired headset. Let’s have more information on this new app with the video demo. Read More

Analyst Predicts Higher Mac, iPhone And iPad Sales On Next Week

Well, here’s a quick heads-up! Just before the earning call of next week, two analysts have reported some spicy facts about the upcoming Mac, iPhone and iPad sales. The first report is by Bein Reitzes, Barclays Capital anaylst, who claims hat Apple is likely to exceed 22% growth in Mac computer shipments during the June quarter. Also, he suggests that overseas sales may compensate for the “somewhat muted” US sales due to the fact that many consumers are waiting for new MacBook Air models. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

TiVo App Updated To Support iPhone, Series 3 DVRs

Here’s a quick heads-up! Just recently, TiVo has released its DVR app for the iPhone or iPod touch! As you all know, the updated version naturally brings something new, likewise, this new TiVo version offers many of the features. This new iPhone version of the TiVo app allows TiVo users to manage their recording schedule, browse throughout content and control their DVR easily from their phone. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

AT&T To Make International Data Roaming Plans "a Bit Less Very Expensive"

Well, here’s slightly good stuff for the AT&T iPhone users! Actually, if you have looked into the international data plans earlier, then, you have noticed one thing that this plan is very expensive and hence many of you don’t want to take your AT&T iPhone abroad, isn’t it? But, now, according to the recent report, AT&T has revamped its international data plans in order to make it slightly less, basically doubling their offering while keeping the prices same. Let’s have more information on this with the tariff plans from below. Read More

How To Extract Apple's Default iPhone And iPad Icons In Xcode [Guide]

Are you curious on how to get your hands on the PNG files Apple uses for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch interface icons? Actually, if you are a developer running Xcode and if due to some reasons, you can’t use the default controls but want your custom controls to look just like them, you are in luck UIKit-Artwork Extractor by 0xced will get you everything from the action button to the trash can, Emoji to the glossy effect. Read More

LensFlare iPhone App is Updated To Add Some Flare To Your Photos

Just recently, BrainFeverMedia has updated their photography app, called, LensFlare. As you know, an updated version naturally brings something new, likewise, this LensFlare app has been updated with two new lens flares, such as, SuperFlare and Transformers. actually, this LensFlare app provides you the ability to add lens flares to your photos. Well, let’s have more information on what are the other changes from below. Read More

How To Automatically Send Music, Book And App Purchases To Your iPhone, iPad And Computers

Well, are you wondering on how to use the new iCloud feature that activates Automatic Downloads? Fortunately, this feature has been rolled out to us before iOS 5 and anyone using iOS 4.3.3 or later has the ability to use it. Actually, through this “Automatic Downloads” feature, you can send your music, book and app purchases automatically to your iOS device and computer. Let’s have more information on how to enable this “Automatic Downloads” feature from below. Read More

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