Mozilla Firefox 5 Final Version For Mac, Windows, Linux [Download]

Here’s something great for all our internet users on Mac, Windows and Linux! Yes, Mozilla has released the Firefox 5 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Actually, the most interesting fact is that it’s not released in the market, hence, it’s neither a leaked version since Mozilla still not officially announced it, however, they have already uploaded to their FTP server and made it available for general public to get their copy. Let’s have more information and the download links from below. Read More

How To Run Linux On Your iPhone, iPad Or Mac From a Web Browser

Well, here’s something for both our iOS and Mac users! Actually, if you have been bored of using the Mac command line, then, here’s something both cool and geeky. JSLinux, a completely functioning version of Linux running completely in a web browser, hinting if you have almost any modern web browser instantly you can run a basic version of Linux on any computer. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

Now Run Windows 7 and Linux on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Guys, I am sure you must be surprise to hear that now you can access your Windows 7 or Linux on iOS devices. Yes, it is true. In-fact previously you were not able to run a full-blown modern desktop OS like Windows or Linux on your iOS devices. But now with the help of virtual machining software Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can now access your Windows 7 or Linux based virtual machines from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This new app is specially designed for iPhone and iPad. You can now control the virtual machines with some simple steps given below. Read More

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