Apple is Busy In Working Ultra-Thin 15" And 17" Mac Notebook

Well, here’s a quick heads-up! According to the recent report of MacRumors, Apple is working on new 15″ and 17″ Mac notebooks. Till now, there is no information on what will it be called, whether MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, however, according to the report, the new ultra-thin Mac notebook is already in late testing stages at Apple. Well, let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

Analyst Predicts Higher Mac, iPhone And iPad Sales On Next Week

Well, here’s a quick heads-up! Just before the earning call of next week, two analysts have reported some spicy facts about the upcoming Mac, iPhone and iPad sales. The first report is by Bein Reitzes, Barclays Capital anaylst, who claims hat Apple is likely to exceed 22% growth in Mac computer shipments during the June quarter. Also, he suggests that overseas sales may compensate for the “somewhat muted” US sales due to the fact that many consumers are waiting for new MacBook Air models. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

Download TinyUmbrella 5.00.04 To Support iOS 5 Beta 3 For Windows And Mac

Notcom, the developer of TinyUmbrella tool, has recently released the newly updated version of TinyUmbrella i.e. version 5.00.04 for Mac OS X and Windows to support the recently released iOS 5 beta 3. The new TinyUmbrella 5.00.04 provides the complete support for Saving SHSH blobs. Also, this new TinyUmbrella 5.00.04 brought the fix for the issue relating the Name encoding. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

How To Use Multiple Mac Monitors To Your Advantage [Video]

Well, here’s an interesting stuff for our Mac users! Just imagine, if you connect multiple Mac monitors, then, how much it will increase your productivity. Yes, you can do that. Actually, there are several ways to utilize the usefulness of the secondary monitors. Don’t worry, here the CultOfMac has posted a video guide on which it shows how you can connect your mac monitors. Let’s have the video from below. Read More

Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 For Mac And Windows

Just recently, the Apple has released the new iOs 5 beta 3 for the Apple developers, however, in order to install this new iOS on your iOS device will need an updated version of the iTunes. Hence, now, Apple has also released the newly updated iTunes 10.5 beta 3 that brings iOS 5 beta 3 support and for those iCloud features that are not supported by the public iTunes 10.3 beta. Let’s have more information on this new release from below with the download links. Read More

How To Get Most Out Of The Google+ App On Your Mac And iOS Devices

As you already know, Google+ is an already popular app and it isn’t showing any sign to slow down. Well, if you have already got the new Google+ app, or you are waiting to get this app, then, there are a few ways you can improve the experience when accessing Google’s new social network from Mac and iOS devices. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

AirFoil App Updated To Stream Audio From iOS Devices To Your Mac

As you know, Apple’s AirPlay feature makes it possible to send audio from iTunes to a number of different iOS devices. But, what about getting the other audio on your Mac to play those devices? well, the answer is, Roger Amoeba’s Airfoil and last year, the music utility has gained the ability to send audio from your Mac to iOS devices. Now, this Airfoil app has been updated to the version 4.5 bringing the support for streaming audio from iOS devices to your Mac using the free Airfoil Speakers Mac app. Read More

How To Set A Mac Mouse To Be Left Handed

Well, in this world, there are many people who are left-handed and have adapted the right-centric world of computing, however, it’s not necessary in the Mac. Actually, the Apple wireless mouse, wired mouse and even most third-party mice have a symmetrical shape, hence those who are left handed simply require to adjust a few settings in Mac OS X to get the mouse on their dominant side. Well, let’s have the step by step guidelines on how to set a Mac mouse to be left handed from below. Read More

Thuderbolt Target Disk Mode Needs Apple's Special Cable

Remember Apple’s new release of Thunderbolt cable! Actually, if you are really planning to use your Mac equipped with Thunderbolt ports, then you’ll need those cable. Apart from that, this new Thunderbolt cable will be needed when connecting two Macs or a Mac to an external Thunderbolt equipped disk drive. Let’s have more information on the usage of the newly released Apple’s Thunderbolt cable from below. Read More

How To Unlock Your Mac Using Your iPhone [Guide]

Well, how this situation is like; imagine you are walking up to your Mac computer and watching it unlock on its own as you approached it. No, not about retina or fingerprint scanners, it’s about the Bluetooth Proximity utility. Well, if you have an iPhone on you at most times, and also you have owned a Mac, then, here’s a nice trick for you. Let’s have more information on this tip from below. Read More

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