Apple Vs. Microsoft – The History Of Computing [INFOGRAPH]

An infographic published by Sean Lind at Manolution featuring the ever-green battle between Microsoft and Apple throughput the history of computing. Well, this chart includes every major product launch by the two companies, significant changes to the companies, and their respective stock prices at the time. Without saying more words, just down your head below to see the infograph below for your own. Read More

Microsoft Won't Close The Doors For Skype Support For iOS and Mac

Well, here’s good news for our iOS and Mac OS X users! Yes, Steve Ballmer, has confirmed that the company will “continue to invest in Skype on non-Microsoft client platforms”. As you know, Microsoft has already bought Skype for the amount of $8.5 billion. Actually, the company has planned to implement Skype’s VoIP technology into its Windows Phone 7 platform, but the company has made the statement that they’ll support Skype on non-Windows platform. Read More

Microsoft Azure Toolkit For iOS is Available For Download Now!

Well, here’s something for our iOS users on behalf of Microsoft! Just over a month after the Azure toolkit for Windows 8, Microsoft has released the Azure toolkit for the iOS platform, and the Android platform is coming soon. Also, the company has determined to grow the popularity of Azure, even outside of its home ground. Well, let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

Microsoft Launches Migration Tool For iOS Developers

Here’s something for our iOS developers from Microsoft! Yes, now, Microsoft is putting heart to relieve the pain of the mobile app developers looking to migrate their iOS apps from Apple’s mobile operating system to Windows Phone. Well, this tool will allow iOS developers to easily find the equivalent API calls, classes, methods, and notification events in C#, as well as download working bit of sample code. Read More

Microsoft Releases OneNote iPhone App for iPhone and iPod Touch

It seems Microsoft is realizing the importance of the increasing market share of iPhone platform. Thus Microsoft has introduced another iOS app so called OneNote for iPhone and iPod Touch. OneNote is a free companion app to their popular lists and notes software and is designed to sync with the company’s OneNote software, which is a part of Microsoft Office for Windows. Read More

Microsoft updates Office For Mac 2011 [Download]

Microsoft has released an updated version (version 14.0.1) of Office for Mac 2011 on Tuesday. The updated version includes some critical fixes for issues that might cause Office 2011 applications to stop responding or quit unexpectedly. The update also includes some other security and performance enhancements, which is detailed in an associated support document from here. Read More

Foxconn Apple Manufacturing Price raise may Offset Wages

According to Reuters, iPhone maker Foxconn International Holdings Ltd said, it will seek higher prices from clients to help offset wage increases at a plant in southern China. Hon Hai, the world’s biggest contract electronics maker,has been wrestling with the 10 suicides issue in the last five months. This issue won’t just affect Apple. Nokia, Microsoft, and Sony Ericsson will also be impacted. Read More

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac gets Official Release Date

Microsoft has finally announced the official release date of Office for Mac 2011 on October 26. It will also be receiving pre-orders now for the latest version of its top-selling software suite. Microsoft has also released another “behind the scenes” video showing off some of the new features including full screen views for Word. It also demonstrated UI improvements, faster application launch times, and other overall performance increases. Read More

Bing 1.3 App Updated for iPhone

Microsoft has updated it’s new version Bing 1.3 app for the iPhone. Bing 1.3 brings revamped travel features by simplifying maps, adding relevant business and neighborhood labels to help users quickly to find locations. Using these new version the users can now find travel deals from their home airport and “look ahead” on a calendar to see when the best prices are available. It also now has a “Price Predictor” to advise users when fares may change and “flight status” feature to warn of cancellations or delayed departures. Read More

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