SyncMate is Released To Sync Android Tablet With Mac

Eltima Software has declared the new SyncMate 3, which has been providing Android users with a way of seamlessly syncing their phones with their Mac for sometime, but, this newly updated version also brings the support for Android powered tablets. Also, the software enables you to mount your device as a disk and send SMS messages directly from your Mac using the SMS manager. The devices can be connected using the SMS manager. Read More

Axon Haptic- New Touch Screen Tablet can Triple Boot Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Linux!

Axon Haptic is an affordable Hackintosh capable touch screen Tablet. It can triple boot Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux. Haptic is designed from scratch in a way that it will be fully compatible to run any Darwin OS. It will not be bundled with any OS, but you will be able to install any of the mentioned OS. Read More

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