How To Re-Enable Your Library Folder In Mac OS X Lion [Video Guide]

Well, here’s something for our Mac OS X Lion! Though Mac OS X Lion offers several enhancements and new features, but actually it missed out the Library folder. Actually, by default, Apple hides this folder to prevent users from messing up their system. Though it might not seem substantial to the average user, but most advanced users might not like this change. Read More

How To Convert Your iPad Into iPhone Using Line2 [Video]

As you know, the iPad is a tablet computer and it’s not a cell phone. But does that really stop to turn it? Well, the much obvious answer is “No”. Actually, a new app, called, Line2 is expected to release which will convert your tablet to your phone. Actually, this Line2 app works through VoIP along with the iOS device’s built-in speaker, mic or by using a wired headset. Let’s have more information on this new app with the video demo. Read More

How To Use Two SIM Cards Simultaneously On iPhone 4 [Video]

Well, many of you want to lead two different lives usually – personal life and professional life. Actually, you don’t want to mix up your official problems in your personal life, and your personal problems in your professional life. Due to that particular reason, the people want to keep two SIM cards – one for personal use and another for official use. Now, in this new technical world, there are several mobile phones that have two SIM card slots in order to keep two SIMs (as my spouse is using so as for the above reason). However, iPhone 4 doesn’t have this feature on it, and hence, a new add-on is filling this gap. Read More

How To Use Multiple Mac Monitors To Your Advantage [Video]

Well, here’s an interesting stuff for our Mac users! Just imagine, if you connect multiple Mac monitors, then, how much it will increase your productivity. Yes, you can do that. Actually, there are several ways to utilize the usefulness of the secondary monitors. Don’t worry, here the CultOfMac has posted a video guide on which it shows how you can connect your mac monitors. Let’s have the video from below. Read More

iOS 5 UI Displays WiFi Notifications And A Small Multitasking Tray In Concept Video

Well, the famous Jan Michael Cart has created a concept video of iOS 5 showing some pretty rad enhancements, including being able to select a WiFi network in the Notification Center, improved popovers, and a multitasking bar whose icons rotate with the iPhone’s orientation. let’s have more information on this from below with the video demo below. Read More

How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch On iOS 4.3.3 Using JailbreakMe 3.0 [Video Guide]

As already reported, Comex’s JailbreakMe 3.0 is now out and is available for all iOS devices. And, just like the earlier versions of the JailbreakMe, this new JailbreakMe 3.0 is extremely easy to use, even you won’t need any guidelines in order to us it. However, for those who have newly stepped into this huge jailbreaking world, for them, I want to present the step by step guidelines shown in a video demo below. Read More

JailbreakMe 3.0 iPad 2 Jailbreak On iOS 4.3.3 Leaked! [Video]

As you know, the jailbreak tool for iPad 2 is the much anticipated by the jailbreaking community, and as you might have remembered one report that we have been reported that Comex, the creator of JailbreakMe, was working on a completely untethered iPad 2 jailbreak. Also, after two weeks of silence from the developers, then, again, there were reports that this new iPad 2 jailbreak seemed to be JailbreakMe 3.0, was leaked by one of the beta private testers. And, now, the new video of JailbreakMe 3.0 iPad 2 jailbreak has been leaked in the wild. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

How To Monitor Your Mac's Status From The Dock [Video Guide]

Well, here’s something for our Mac OS X users! If you want to monitor your Mac’s status, such as, the CPU or RAM usage you have a couple different options – menu bar apps that are often costly, or Dashboard widgets that are inconvenient to access. Well, if both of these options are not good to you, then, you can go for monitoring your system with Activity Monitor. Actually, it’s free and really useful. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

How To Turn Your Dock Stacks Into Organized Bins On Mac OS X [Video Guide]

Well, here’s something for our Mac OS X users! Many Mac users might have a question in their mind about the custom “bin” that is there on the Applications and Documents stacks in their dock. Actually, these bins are cool tweaks that you can apply to any Dock stack to not only customize the look of them, but also to keep things organized and identifiable at a glance. Let’s have more information on this from below. Read More

How To Use Your Old Mac As A Secondary Display [Video Guide]

Well, here’s something for our Mac users! Actually, if you are like me, then, you just don’t like that your older Macs, PCs are lying around. I love to use the older gadgets in any way. Likewise, you may have just recently bought the new, shiny Mac, and hence, your old and not shiny one is lying unused around the corner. Well, before you setup your mind to throw it away, here’s something for you. Just watch and enjoy reusing the older Macs. Read More

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