This is what iPhone 6 will Look like [Photos]

Rumors continue to flow about the next generation iOS smartphone. Apple product lovers will be able to purchase iPhone 5S this year, but they have to wait until next year to purchase iPhone 6. A source has already claimed that Apple will not unveil it until mid-2014, but designers have started creating concept photos of iPhone 6 to see how it will look like with 4.8-inch screen. According to, Martin Hajek has created some concept photos of iPhone 6. They have posted these photos on their website. You can see the photos posted below.

Concept photos of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Concept photos

iPhone 6 Concept photos 1

iPhone 6 Concept photos 2

From the above photos you can see how the iPhone 6 will look like with 4.8-inch screen. It looks bigger than iPhone 5. You can see there is no home button in iPhone 6. The concept photo coincides with the previous rumors, which had claimed that iPhone 6 will be larger and lighter than iPhone 5. The photo clearly indicates that the design of iPhone 6 is inspired from the design of the smaller iPad. If iPhone 6 does not include home button, then it will work just like the trackpad of MacBook. Peter Misek has recently reported that Apple had planned to sell 4.8-inch iPhone 6 this year, but they had postponed their plan due to manufacturing issues. If the report comes true, then you will be able to purchase it in 2014.

The concept photo of iPhone 6 looks awesome. If the device comes with 4.8-inch screen, then it will be a good competitor of HTC One that includes 4.8-inch screen. Apple has not provided any information regarding this device. Its launch date is not officially announced yet. As we know the popularity of bigger smartphone is increasing day by day, so it is expected that Apple will launch 4.8-inch iPhone 6 to compete with bigger Android smartphones. You have to wait until the second half of 2014 to buy it.

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