Tweaked Apple TV Launched with A5 Chip

If you are a big fan of Apple TV, then you must be waiting for the new version of Apple TV. Now the good news is that it is available for purchase. Apple has started selling tweaked Apple TV. Now you can order it from Apple online store. This is a great news for the people who are waiting to purchase the new version of Apple TV. MacRumors has managed to get their hands on the tweaked Apple TV and they have found that this device comes with A5 chip.

Tweaked Apple TV Launched with A5 Chip

Previously it was expected that Apple will use A5X processor in the new version of Apple TV, so you must be expecting that this device will come with A5X processor. If you are waiting to take the advantage of this processor, then you have to wait for some more time because the new version of the Apple television does not include A5X processor. It comes with A5 processor. MacRumors has claimed that the new A5 chip is smaller than the previous A5 chip. As we know Samsung has been making chip Apple devices, but they have not produced the new A5 chip that is used in the tweaked Apple TV. It is the first Apple device that does not include the chip produced by Samsung. A source has recently claimed that Apple will hold an Apple TV related media event in March and they will introduce Apple TV SDK at this event. It will allow developers to test their apps for the next generation Apple TV.

If you have not yet purchased an Apple TV, then you can purchase the tweaked version of Apple TV 3 from Apple online store. If you are using Apple TV 2, then you can use the updated version of Seas0nPass to jailbreak your Apple TV untethered on Apple TV Software Update 5.2 (iOS 6.1).

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